Our Mission

ArmyBassAnglers Foundation was formed in AUG of 2022 and assumed the MissIon of Take a Soldiers Fishing, Inc to help restore and save the oldest and most historic all veteran military charity tournament for soldiers at Ft. Cavazos, TX to be held annually to show appreciation and support to soldiers from all branches of service in a tournament specifically for them and at no cost to them. ArmyBassAnglers Foundation proudly accepts that honor and responsibility and will work tirelessly to continue the Fishing for Freedom tradition and bring new support and effort to support our men and women in the outdoors bringing their story of service to our country to the fore-front—HOOAH!

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About the ArmyBassAnglers Foundation

As the torchbearer of the tradition started by Take a Soldier Fishing, Inc., the ArmyBassAnglers Foundation takes immense pride in its heritage of honoring the services of our brave soldiers and veterans. With the promise of continuing the legacy of the Fishing for Freedom tournament, we stand firmly in our commitment to celebrate their courage, perseverance, and dedication. This event is a symbol of our deep appreciation for their sacrifices and a testament to our commitment to enriching their lives with camaraderie and leisure.

Tradition and Camaraderie

The Fishing for Freedom tournament is not just an event; it’s a tradition that fuels camaraderie amongst soldiers from all service branches. Hosted annually at Belton Lake, TX, we invite volunteer professional fishermen, fishing enthusiasts, charter teams, and boat owners to come together and create an unforgettable day of fishing for our soldiers and veterans. This unique setting fosters friendships, encourages shared experiences, and strengthens the bond between the military community and civilian supporters.

To learn more about the event’s detailed itinerary, please visit the Tournament Rules Page.

An Inclusive Fishing Experience

Every participant is an honored guest. At the ArmyBassAnglers Foundation, we firmly believe in leaving no soldier behind. The tournament is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all, irrespective of their fishing expertise. It’s not about who catches the biggest fish, but about the memories created, the bonds formed, and the stories of service shared. From the tranquil waters to the shared laughter and friendly competition, it’s a day to relax, unwind, and indulge in the simple joys of life.

To join us in this endeavor, we encourage interested individuals to complete the Registration Form.

Celebrating Success

While every soldier who participates is a winner in our eyes, we love to celebrate the fishing triumphs of our participants. Whether it’s the first catch or the biggest, we cherish these moments of joy and triumph. Our Tournament Results Page is dedicated to sharing these victories and celebrating our soldiers’ successes on the water.

We extend a warm welcome to our veterans, active duty military at Fort Cavazos, and kind-hearted volunteers to join us on September 22-23, 2023, as we uphold the tradition of Fishing for Freedom. Together, let’s create a day full of gratitude, camaraderie, and fun—HOOAH!